Bunk Room

In January of 2016 I posted of starting a new project, it finally has gotten started in January of 2017 and we are well into the construction phase.

DSCN1719DSCN1717We are turning the unfinished space into a bunk room for the grand children.  The first challenge as always was to balance the list of wants with the amount of space and create a design to include as much as possible with as few compromises as possible.  A major want was a bathroom in the space.  The plumber has to saw into the heated floor to install plumbing runs.  The plumber worked miracles and we moved on to the stud walls and the electrical.  We are waiting for the electrical inspection.  The next step will be installing the dry wall.  Mean while interior element selection continues.

The bunk bed design is a most wanted feature element of the room and I designed it to be great fun for the kids.

Breuhl Bunk Beds April 7 201720170407_13393090

The design is rustic and natural.  They will be made from branches and natural forms of trees, it will be like sleeping in a tree!  Of course with the comforts of mattresses, comforters, quilts and lots of puffy pillows. The color scheme and theme comes from the quilts with deer, moose, bear, pine boughs and cones.








The bathroom is small but has all the amenities.  A completely tiled custom shower with a pebble floor a barn style door, linen cabinet and a nice vanity area with medicine cabinets.

d8765a516c25f175298f02734bab731aThe decorative lighting fixtures and hardware will also add to the theme of the area.  I have been working on that.  I am trying to decide which way to go, I have found some fun fish drawer pulls and fishing creel knobs or should I select the pine cone cluster knobs and the pine bough pulls??

Stay tuned we hope to finish the project for summer guests by June.


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