Grand Ely Lodge Renovation

The design of the renovated public spaces, dining room, lounge and lobby is based on the history, unique personality and natural beauty of Ely.  We wanted guests to experience what Ely is today through the use of art work based on the history, the culture and the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area.













The color palette is inspired by the architectural detail of the log work in the main lobby and incorporating natural organic tones of the moss covered golden rocks and the rich depth and texture of the forest tree trunks.  The carpet designs throughout are based on water.  The pattern in the dining room, lounge and conference areas is called ripple, like a soft breeze blowing the surface.  The lobby pattern has that pattern with the addition of the circles that occur after you throw in a pebble.  The corridors are a combination of the patterns with a border addition.

To change the ambiance of the areas, we added to the lighting plan.  Stone walls were added in the dining room along with, tin ceiling tiles, tables made of reclaimed pine, fully upholstered very comfortable chairs and original Gawboy paintings, which are very indicative of Ely’s history.  In the lounge area and the lobby area we created focal walls covered with the same reclaimed wood that all the table tops are made of.  This wood came the Old Globe Grain elevator, which was build in 1897 with old growth white pine from Wisconsin.  The elevator was the largest in the world and is being dismantled and the large white pine timbers reused.  Additional lighting and tin ceiling were also added.  The use of fully upholstered chairs and bar stools adds to the extra comfort and hospitality of the area welcoming you to come and enjoy!



Walking through the main entrance you will experience the warmth and glow of the new color palette and the huge logs.   We wanted to create a comfortable, relaxing and luxurious atmosphere.  Inviting guests to come in sit down and put your feet up, enjoy a drink in the lounge and spend a soothing evening in the comfort of the Evergreen dining room.

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