Art and Accessories



I have been called on many times to help coordinate and organize a client’s collections of art, accessories and mementos.  Most people have a diverse range of things that they like and collect.  Paintings, pottery, rugs, special pieces of furniture, mementos, baskets and primitives.  I could go on and on with this list.  It is important to organize these collections by color, texture and categories to create a unified and interesting look that is pleasing, not distracting or confusing to the eye.  Many times part of the furniture and room layout includes a place and a piece of furniture to hold these collections.  I try to organize a bookcase with a mix of accessories, books, photos, baskets and pottery.  A mix of items is important otherwise it is just a lot of visual confusion.  If it is a new construction project I also in the architectural process would inquire as to paintings and the type of art that would require wall space.  Are there pieces of this nature that would be a focal point and require a large space?  A room usually has many focal points to organize, a view, a fireplace, a TV and art work.  These are all items that would be incorporated into a piece or pieces of furniture and the room layout.  I find in working with clients that it is our job as designers to listen carefully and sort out the verbal information that our clients are giving us.  It is interesting to see a project develop and to find that the architecture, furnishings and art and collections will have some very common threads running through them and when I put it all together it can be an amazingly wonderful end result.

I have included some photographic examples of furniture designed to hold collections and also some items from collections.  You may want to check out the Pinterest board called Art and Accessories to see more ideas on collections.DSCN3892Art and Accesories #2Art and AccesoriesDSCN6795f_RU-1010_EngGar_na_s_

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