Art One of the Joys of Life

Collecting Art is one of the joys of life and enriches our homes.  It is an expression of ourselves and the things we are interested in and in many cases it is based on History.  I am interested in many indigenous peoples and their history.  I have collected art from the Ojibwe, Lakota, Acoma, Winnebago, and various African tribes.

I love the painting “Harlequin Turtle” that I purchased in September.  It is based on the Mimbres people.  It hangs on the log wall by the stove in my cabin.  It is so perfect with the log colors and my other collections. The history is very interesting: Mimbres means “willows” in Spanish.  It is the name given to the cottonwood and willow lined river in southwestern New Mexico.  Archeologists discovered the spectacular pottery and so named the people “the Mimbres People”.  It is called the Pithouse Era.  I have visited Mesa Verde and several other cliff dwellings in the area.  The painting Harlequin turtle is based on rock art found on the walls in some of the cliff dwellings and found on pottery.  The painting reminds me of New Mexico and the wonderful places I have visited there.


I  received as a gift this summer a basket that was purchased from a female farmer and artist from the village of Katooma in Uganda. The village is near the Bwindi National Park, where my friend was doing research. The basket has a beautiful simple pattern woven in dark brown that contrasts with the natural fiber.  The work is beautiful.  It sits next to a small piece of pottery that is from the Acoma people. Acoma means people of the white rock.  The Acoma Pueblo is situated on top of a mesa, hundreds of feet above the surrounding land.  The people are known for their beautiful thin walled pottery.   The African basket, the Acoma pot, the Winnebago basket sit together with a antique African gourd for carrying water and a Adirondack mosaic twig box.  These pieces all have history, color and texture in common and they were all made by an individual for a specific task.



For me art is a collection of life’s adventures, travels and experiences.  I look around my home and can revisit these experiences through each piece. This has been a fun blog to write.  It has brought memories of these beautiful places I have traveled and the wonderful people I have met and know.

I hope you have enjoyed this somewhat nostalgic blog!














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