Benefits of a small cabin

In the last several blogs I have been talking about living and working in a small space, “the homestead”.  I am going to continue along that line.

The benefits of the small space:  The up-keep with cleaning and maintaining are easy, it does not take much time to keep the 654 square feet clean.  That leaves more time to enjoy the gardens, the wildlife, a walk by the river or a paddle on a near by lake, or just relaxing on the deck with morning coffee.  It is also easy to heat and stays around 70 degrees even on the hottest day because of the concrete floor.  The taxes are also very affordable.  The plan from two weeks ago shows the deck will become a screen porch.  The screen porch will extend the use and also give shade from the southern sun and the winter winds battering the front door.


DSCN7332 DSCN7333


The new screen porch will have a shed roof and will extend out two more feet than the existing deck.  The entrance and steps will be on the east end.  This will maximize the furniture placement and also prevent getting dripped on when it is raining or the potential of ice and snow sliding off the metal roof and covering the step and front door in the winter.  I have not drawn an elevation of that design yet but it will be a little more rustic, perhaps with some twig work.

DSCN7326 DSCN7335

The cabin sits up on a ledge rock area.  When I am working in the studio I look out over the flower gardens and the spruce lined entrance to the property.  This other photo shows the short winding path up to the cabin.  The path winds to avoid the biggest rocks.  The cabin is positioned between the biggest rocks.  The rocks being a challenge for everything!

That is it from the “Homestead” this week.

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