Color In Our Lives

We may not realize it but we are affected by color and pattern everyday.  Color is an important aspect of our daily lives and we are surrounded by it.  In interior design it is a key element when we are planing our homes inside and out.

A color palette can be draw from many things: It can be a piece of oxidized metal like roofing material.  Fabric and rugs are always a key to developing a color scheme.  Collections of peoples favorite things.  Furniture, dishes and art are some of the main items we can draw from.


This Turkish Kilim is a tribal rug. It is dyed with natural vegetable dyes, all things that come from the area the tribe is located at.  It is a good basis for a color scheme that can be built on.


This color palette is an example of something that could be created from the Kilim rug.

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Bring in an interesting fabric, a collection of Fiesta Ware and a favorite piece of furniture and you have a basis for interesting colors that will flow through many rooms of your home.  I like to establish a color scheme and set the stage with more neutral colors and then accent from the stronger colors.

The important thing to remember is to be comfortable with the colors you select, don’t try to stray from colors you normally like just to try to be different.  You live with the colors you select everyday!

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