Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

Years ago as a part of the interior design service that I offer at Bare Bones Studio.  I began to offer a “Holiday Decor” service.  It is a design service for clients that is specifically for Christmas, making and installing all the wreaths, garlands and the decorating the tree/trees.  I work with the client to develop a theme and carry out the design.

Most projects and clients want all natural garlands, wreaths and trees, I have done a few with artificial decorations.  My favorite client and project is a home that I also was involved in the construction and design of and I did all the interior design and furniture. Over the years I have worked with them to provide the design for their guest cabins as well.  This 2nd home is on a beautiful lake in Ely.  The clients spend the summer here and return to their main residence in September.  In November I begin to plan for the Christmas decorations.  I shop for new ideas and ornaments for the tree and order all the fresh garlands plain wreaths and live floral supplies.  I also go to the local tree grower and select a fresh cut balsam fir tree and collect materials from my property, cedar branches, white pine, red pine, red dog wood, birch bark and pine cones.

The exterior garlands are installed around Mid December before the temperatures turn really cold.  The wreaths are balsam fir which I embellish with mixed cedar and white pine.  This year I have added grape vine, winter berry, red dog wood, pine cones baby’s breath and plaid and gold ribbon.  Each wreath for each cabin varies a little.


The tree will be delivered tomorrow.  I will arrive on Friday and decorate the tree and hang the final wreath.  The Bare Bones delivery truck will be loaded with any thing I could possibly need and I will head up the snowy road to  spend a good part of the day finishing everything up.  The clients will arrive on Monday for the holidays and stay through January.  They will drive up and see the garlands and wreaths.  Inside they will find a beautifully decorated tree, a centerpiece on the dining table and the  lovely fresh balsam fragrance!


There is another rustic guest cabin on the property.  It is a small one room cabin that sits on a rocky point with a winding path up the hill and through the trees.  It is small inside so we put the decorations on the outside.



Happy Holidays.


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