Guest Cabin Project Update

This is an exciting time in the project because the progress can be seen in many areas.  The exterior is getting the final touches.  The stairs and the railings that were designed are now being built.  I love to see when the drawings go from ideas on paper to the actual detail.  It is good when things look just as I expected and there are no surprises.  I think the color of the finish is very nice and looks good on the cabin’s various elements, it is a nice contrast to the green Marvin windows and is complimentary to remember the mottled copper finish on the roof.


The client decided a month or so ago that she really wanted a wood burning fireplace on the screen porch.  This was not a detail that was originally in the design.  It was a little extra work since the roof was already finished and the log work on that end done and window openings framed.  There was not a foundation put in for it.  She really did want one though so our wonderful contractor made it happen.  He cut an opening for it.  The stone mason’s are now on site working on it.  There was going to be stone on the cabin foundation so the mason’s were scheduled it just turned into a larger project for them.


A lot has been happening on the inside too.  Several months ago we saw some hand made fish ceramic tiles on Pinterest and fell in love with them.  The tiles were ordered and I coordinated a pebble tile and wall tile around them.  Two weeks ago the tile installer came and we laid them out on the floor like a puzzle and worked till we had an arrangement we liked.  Another success the shower looks great everyone loves it.


That is not all, the railings and ladder to the loft were also in progress today.  The light fixtures have arrived on site too.  I of course opened and inspected them and marked the boxes so the electricians know where they go.  Here is a sneak peak at the shades from a couple of them.


Well that is about it for this week.  Check back next week there will be a lot of progress, I think the stone work will be finished on the fireplace and the work in progress on the foundation.  The kitchen cabinets are in the final stages of being built.  See you next week!


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