Guest Cabin Update

Time for an update on the guest cabin.  It is a beautiful day at the cabin. Birds singing, sun sparkling off the water.  The clients can hardly wait to get this finished to enjoy the summer.  Today we are meeting to discuss the exterior step designs, the screen porch fireplace design and the lighting fixtures.  The placement of fixtures, switches and wiring were decided before the electricians started.  The first phase of the wiring has been completed.  The insulation is complete.  The contractor will start this week installing the wall and ceiling finishes.

There is a combination of various lighting types for specific tasks. Some fixtures provide a task and are also decorative.  We are staying with our simple natural retreat theme, the designs are interesting but simple not distracting from the beauty of the surroundings.

The photos today share with you a sketch of the Rumford style fireplace, photo of the screen porch showing where the fireplace will be and a few of the light fixtures that have been selected.DSCN6910

Cusack Fireplace design with out name 001


CN-475-K8-03M-AR-R532-2T.jpg Cusack


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