I have been in the design business since 1974.  Over the course of time I have been in many facets of the business, working till 1995 at various design studios in a retail capacity with the last being Dayton’s Interior Design Studio.  I enjoyed all those experiences and had a wonderful time along the way designing houses with contractors as models and models for Parade of Homes.  In 1995 I moved to Ely and started Bare Bones Studio which has flowed with the times, until today it is a consultation service that operates from my rustic cabin.  Design has not only been my profession but it has been my passion since I was a little girl.  It seems my mind revolves around color, balance and form.  To me everything is design, interior, exterior, porches, decks, landscape and gardens.

I love the outdoors and living a simple life.  In 2005 I found a simple 654 square foot square log structure, it is a bit quirky but when it comes to properties that is me.  This is now my home and Bare Bones Studio!  I can’t wait to get up in the morning in the summer and have coffee on the porch and contemplate the day.  It is energizing to listen to the birds and look out over the gardens.  This is the time when I work on design ideas and sketch new structures and work on interior layouts.  Since 2005 I have lived without running water all the while trying to figure out how to get running water in without amending the log structure any more than it already was when I purchased it.  It is has taken till now to undo all the inappropriate structural things that were done over the years.  There are still a few of those major hurdles to tackle but work goes on.

The last several years I have become interested in designing small cabins for clients.  I continually look at what other designers and architects are doing and the materials and products available for these kinds of structures.  I like the concept of using less resources and also being close to nature.  I have featured some projects that are in the works in previous blogs.

I have come up with a plan I can live with that gives me all the things I need, a kitchen, a bathroom and a laundry area.  I have made some concessions so as not to have to modify the foot print and structure.  This plan comes from designs I have been seeing regarding organization of small spaces and available and affordable small appliances.  I am still looking for a couple of fixtures that will work for the space.

More on this process next time.

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