Homestead and it’s challenges

The benefits of a small space are many, on a day like today with wonderful breezes, because there are windows and doors on every wall you get very good cross ventilation.  The same doors and windows provide light and views in every direction.  When I am working at my desk I look out over the pollinator gardens.  I am inspired by the beauty and color combinations that mother nature provides. Yellow of the lilies and cobalt blue of the delphiniums.  The butterflies, and birds are my constant companions.  Cooking at the range provides a view of the back side of the cabin, the tall old trees and the new natural butterfly gardens.  It is easy to manage, maintain and heat because of it’s small size.

The challenges are maximizing and organizing the space, especially since it is both my living space and my work space.  I am continually refining the two parts so that it is easy for me to work and live.  The photo today shows the kitchen and dining room as it is now.  The drawing from last week shows how that space will change and all the functions that a space of 14/0 x 15/0 must provide.  In this space will be the new bathroom, kitchen, laundry and dining area.  The Tiny Home movement has been a great help, finally there is much to choose from in appliances for the laundry and kitchen.  I find it still to be a bit difficult to find bathroom fixtures, particularly toilets and sinks that are small and are a good design.


I love my living room and work space.


Well that is all for this week.

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