How a Design Evolves

A design begins with a discussion with a client about how a room is used and what the needs are.  It is also spurred by something the client sees and likes.

This is a sun room in a home I designed several years ago.  The home is finished and furnished but sometimes the clients get tired toward the end of a project and just can’t make any more decisions so we have to come back to it perhaps when they see something that excites them and because the area that was left unfinished is not functioning.   This project got re-ignited because the client saw some red wicker furniture on a porch that she loved.  She was also tired of the messy unorganized look of the room.

DSCN3905Widener Sun Porch Simple Version 001

The sun room with an entrance from the garage.  It has become a catch all for dropping what ever is being carried in the house.  The project started with a drawing of the furniture placement and the design of a piece of furniture to organize all that stuff.  It has storage for boots and shoes under the bench for sitting.  It has a closet and pegs for hanging and shelves for baskets to hold mittens, dog leashes, hats and games.  It will be built of rustic alder, the same wood used in the interior doors and all the wood trim.

Widener sun porch custdesign piece Feb 2016 001


The color scheme is based on the rest of the home which is warm neutrals, nature stone colors and natural cherry and alder woods.  The wall colors are molasses, some ceilings are natural cherry, trim and doors are alder.  The kitchen cabinets are bisque with a caramel tone wash.  The accent is a rusty berry red.  We have selected a hopsack cotton print in tones of beige, red, taupe and green this will be upholstered on red wicker chairs.  The multi color check will be upholstered on an ottoman, pillows and seat cushions.  I have also a designed a replica table.  It was an antique table that the client saw on the back porch of my studio many years ago.  I found the table in a garage at a local antique store.  It was used in a kitchen at some point in it’s life.  I am having this table reproduced with a reclaimed pine plank top and finishing the legs, apron and drawer in a worn and chipped, off white color.  I am very lucky to work with a furniture builder, Ron Sween from Northshore Wood Products that has always been able to build anything that I can design.  He is building the back entry piece as well as the replica table.

DSCN3903 DSCN9156 89bd93788c3a7fef4ab5ad0b184d1ad0

Stay tuned for the finished project!



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