Kitchen Project

“New color for cabinets”

The client wanted a red rustic finish in her cabin kitchen.  The cabin is a red cedar log structure with lots of windows and light.  We embarked on the challenge of coming up with a shade of red.  We did not want a rusty orange red and we did not want a burgundy red.  The red pigment is difficult to work with and difficult to achieve the desired color.  While we were in the sampling process the actual preparation work began.  Since all the work was being done on site a plastic tent was constructed around the kitchen.  The tent was needed to protect the rest of the interior from the sanding dust and over spray of finishes.  The first step was to sand the original finish.  A black base coat was then applied with a spray application.  A sand through of the black base coat was the next step.  The photo shows the tent and the black base coat with the sand through in progress.

Meanwhile we were making color samples trying to get the color we wanted.  The color sample I am showing was the sample before the final approved sample.  Once the final sample was approved, the red color was applied.  Once the red was on it was again sanded through to achieve a worn rustic look.  The final step is a clear top coat also applied by spray.                I will unveil the final photos in my next post.  Stay tuned!DSCN6560DSCN6469

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