Kitchens “The heart of our homes”

Even though our lives have changed from the times when the big farm kitchen and family meals and gatherings were an important part of our lives, the kitchen is still that “heart of the home”.

Whether it is in a small home or a large home kitchens are one of the key elements to home design.  The options for appliances, sinks, faucets and all the counter top and flooring materials are seemingly endless.

No matter if the kitchen you are dreaming of is country, rustic, contemporary, small or large, kitchens command attention.  Remodeling or new construction, start with a kitchen layout based on the size of the entire area.  Consider how you prepare meals, how you clean up, do you entertain and the size or number of people you generally prepare food for.  Do you shop frequently or plan and shop well in advance, if so the type and amount of storage will need to be considered.

The kitchen shown here is traditional and is part of a great room with a large expanse of windows and doors to the deck.  The kitchen is planned around the first important detail that the client requested.  To be able to look out at the lake while preparing food and doing cleanup.  She wanted the sink positioned for the view and a large enough sink and faucet to easily clean and fill large pots.  The sink with the dishwasher will go in the center island.  The rest of the kitchen is planned around that.  The next detail was the specific size Sub Zero refrigerator that she wanted.  Another key element was that she had seen a photo of a cook top with a vent hood that was a very decorative design so placement of that was a consideration given it is also a focal point like the view.  The other items on the list were double oven, pantry, appliance garage and big drawers under the cook top for pots and pans.  The kitchen layout was designed incorporating these elements.

I will share some of the kitchen photos from this project.  If you have time check out my Pinterest kitchen board for more great ideas on appliances for the small kitchen and many more beautiful kitchens.DSCN3887DSCN3888DSCN3902DSCN6253

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