Laundry Spaces Part 2

A laundry room doesn’t have to be boring to be functional.  A few ideas for a cheerful, stylish and functional laundry area.  Don’t be afraid to use color.  Select a favorite color, even a strong color, follow through with accessories even a piece of art.

Customize and build cabinetry and shelves for storage and the things you need.  For front loading machines add vertical shelves for supplies.  Select a counter top for a folding area, a valet to hang items.  There are many options for the storage of a ironing board, drop down, pull out or simply hang it.

If space is limited use a closet area, kitchen or bathroom.  Stack the washer and dryer in a closet space, add shelves next to them and hide it all behind doors.  You can use the same approach in the kitchen make them a part of the work space stacked next to a pantry or under the counter behind doors.

If you are fortunate to have a designated laundry room, now you can have fun.  There are many options for appliance colors, red, blue, grey etc. etc. or white.  Laundry and farm style sinks are popular now, use stainless for a more contemporary space, a white farm style or a soapstone counter with an integral sink. Design the cabinets and shelves open and closed, wood finish or painted.  These are only a few ideas for a functional and fun space.

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