Organizing Spaces

ORGANIZING SPACES:  Part 1 “The Kitchen”


In our fast pace hectic lives today having an efficient well organized living space is more important than ever.  I am going to touch on individual areas in parts.  In part one I will give you some ideas for the kitchen.  There are many options out there for storage solutions whether you want to add organization, remodel or are building.  Here are a few ideas:  In the cooking area depending on the type of range and ovens you have and where those appliances are in your work triangle here are some ideas.  Place the cooking utensils and preparation area with-in easy reach of the range, big pull out drawers under or next to the cook top or range are great for the items you use every day.  Add to that area spices and a drawer for spoons and things of that nature.  The pantry has become a very important area in the kitchen.  It can be a part of the cabinetry and may be placed near the refrigerator or range or it can be built like a closet to store more than food items incorporating larger items and cleaning items or even a bake center.   Add to that a place for the broom and dust pan or a plug in for recharging the dust buster and a bottom shelve for big pots and pans.  Some fun ideas are special doors on the area, french doors, an antique Victoria screen door or barn type doors on a track.  Be creative and have fun.  You can add wire racks and shelves, melamine shelves and baskets.  Here are a few photos with some ideas.  I have a lot more ideas on my Pinterest board, “kitchens”.  Have fun and get organized!

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