Rustic Furniture made of Reclaimed wood

In my  last blog I talked about rustic furniture of a organic earthy nature designed using the trees natural shape for various parts of the furniture piece.  Another type of rustic furniture is made from reclaimed wood.  It is rustic because of its texture, weathered look and it’s style.

Reclaimed wood has had a previous life and was used for something else before it was salvaged.  Some popular woods come from barn siding and barn timbers, beams salvaged from ware houses, log structures and other things that were made of wood.  Generally speaking this wood was of a much higher quality than new wood we have today, one reason is it was harvested from old growth forests compared to wood products today that are grown quickly in plantations  for harvest.  The reclaimed wood was already 100 years old when it was originally used, now the building has been used for another 100 years.  Over time the wood has grown more beautiful with use.  It has mellowed in color caused by the air, dirt and touching.

One my favorite sources for wood now is the wood that has been salvaged from the Old Globe Grain Elevator in Superior, Wisconsin.  The Old Globe has a rich and interesting history.  It was started in 1887 and was built over a period of years.  It was the largest grain elevator in the world and was built using 5 million board feet of old growth eastern white pine that was brought in by train.


Many of my rustic designs are made using the wood from the Old Globe elevator.  We will never have wood like this again.  I am happy that my designs have this wonderful piece of history in them.  The pieces of furniture reflect the life of the wood, holes from square nails and worn areas from grain erosion all add to the charm of the pieces.  I have designed dining tables, small accent tables, chairs, benches and built-ins.  Some designs are embellished and trimmed with hickory sticks and some with applied birch bark.

DSCN3892 DSCN1970 DSCN1969


Left: TV cabinet trimmed with hickory trim.

Right: Console table trimmed with hickory sticks.


Left: Coordinating coffee table for the console table.

Right: Trestle dining table.


Dining table showing a close up of the top, dining chair design and a close up showing the construction detail on the trestle base and the bench.

DSCN5355 DSCN5356 DSCN5359 There will be many more designs to be made from this wonderful wood.  It of course can be finished in a variety of wood colors.  It can also be used for flooring, paneling and would make beautiful custom doors.  Stay tuned for more beautiful designs.

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