Small Cabin Project

We are in the final stages of this small cabin project that was started in the fall of 2014.  Most of the exterior is finished and we are finishing up some of the log walls on the interior.

The reclaimed wood flooring is stacked up and acclimating to the humidity levels.  After the wall finishes, window trim and more plumbing and tile work is completed the flooring will be installed.  The custom kitchen cabinets are in the final finishing stages and will be on site soon.

There is still stone work on the interior wall and floor where the wood stove will go and the stone work on the exterior foundation and stone fireplace still to be installed.

We have many of the furnishings in storage ready to be delivered.



This photo is showing the wall area that is waiting for the stone work.  There will also be a stone hearth.  The wood stove will sit on the hearth and the back wall of stone is for fireproofing.  The red you see in the photos is just tape marking where trim detail is going.  The log work on this wall has not been finished yet.


In this photo we see further down the same wall.  The area has been prepared to accept the pantry and the wall of kitchen cabinets. The window above the sink will have a pass through to the porch.  The interior is white cedar like the exterior logs.  The flooring stacked up is reclaimed Douglas Fir.


I was on site finalizing the finish samples for the kitchen cabinets.  The photos are showing how I base my decision.  The cedar paneling was custom finished based on the log color.  Then the interior doors were finished based on those colors.  The cedar kitchen cabinets based on that and the flooring based on everything else.  It is going to be lovely when it is all finished.

We are shooting for November for a date when the cabin will be usable.  There will most likely still be stone work on the exterior to complete, but the interior will be ready!

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